These are my hurdle girl problems, but you don't have to be a girl or a hurdler to relate to some of them. PLEASE SUBMIT!


    knockonmydooooor said: Just found this blog and I'm in love! Not that many people that understand what being a hurdler/track athlete is like

    Thank you :) we’ve been pretty idle lately but we want to get back to it…! Submit and ask hurdle girls!!


    Anonymous said: Hi! I'm a varsity hurdler and I started three stepping last year. In my races last year I would three step 1-2 hurdles and four step the rest and my times were better than this season when I can three step 5-6 hurdles. Any suggestions? Sincerely, a very frustrated hurdler

    Hey! I totally get what you’re saying =( I had a similar problem with my steps. I found that it really helped when I focused more on sprinting right through the hurdles and worried less about my steps. In reality, the number of steps you take should come naturally. Maybe now that you have finally three stepped, you are more aware of what your legs are doing, when actually you should just let it happen. The faster you get, the more the three stepping will come naturally and eventually carry through your entire race. 

    I hope that helped a little! Good luck with the rest of your season =) 


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    watching a boys hurdle race



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    hi guys,

    You might have noticed that I haven’t been making too many posts lately. I’ve been pretty busy but more than that, I’ve kind of lost interest in keeping this blog. I still love running but I think I’m going to stop posting. I won’t delete the blog so you can still reblog old posts.

    Also, if you’re interested in taking over hurdlegirlproblems, message me on my main blog,

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    7-10/25- 25 pictures of Lolo Jones



    110m Cheating Hurdles


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    Hahaha nice video :) I’ll post it in a sec.

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    Michelle Jenneke’s warm up dance

    “is that fuckin necessary”

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